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Audio/Video editing and duplication. The chance to relive embarassing moments more conveniently.

Film Reels

First bath. Senior prom. White polyester jumpsuit accentuated by mutton chop sideburns. Whether it’s footage of milestone events or a compilation of memories (not to mention bygone styles), our editing lab can convert any analog format to any digital format. We have decades of experience transferring and editing to keep good memories looking great.Yes, our prices can be higher than the big box stores, but remember you get what you pay for. People bring us the results of the box stores’ transfers for us to redo. Experience, expertise and attention to detail always show. Just ask our customers.

   Film to digital:

We’ve been transferring 8 and 16mm silent and sound movie films for over 35 years. We use both analog and digital color correction to preserve your precious family memories, converting 8mm, VHS, VHSC and Beta to DVD or computer video files to upload on the web.

   Photos  and  slides:

We transfer prints, slides, negative or positive transparencies to computer format or DVD video. Every photo and slide is personally handled,cleaned, scratch-removed, air-dusted and color corrected to ensure picture-perfect pictures. We also re-crop and Photoshop (to remove Aunt Edna or your ex-brother-in-law), and restore fragile photos to visible, usable condition, perfect for framing, events, sharing and passing along for future generations.

   Records to CD:

We convert 16, 33, 45, 78 RPM records to mp3 or CD formats on the go. With digital mastering, we can also improve the quality of the original and restore lost fidelity—even salvage damaged audio.

And more...

We  also  transfer:

Court transcriptions to CD or mp3
Reel-to-reel audio and cassette to CD
8-track to CD
To and from memory sticks, mini DV, mini HDV
Microcassette to CD/mp3


Make hundreds, heck even thousands, of copies of your demo reel or little Susie’s dance recital. Using professional duplication equipment, we copy and convert between formats (color-correcting images as we go) to produce the highest quality duplication possible.

   Video editing:

Celebrate life by the pixel. Let us transform photographs and home movies into a moving video montage, perfect for commemorating milestone events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, memorials, graduations, parties and more. We’ll accompany your memories with our hand-selected,toe-tapping melodies. Or provide your own tunes for a custom soundtrack. Either way, you’ll have a video keepsake to enjoy at a special event and treasure for years to come.

Located at
132 NE Franklin in Bend, across from Les Schwab.