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Q: How long will my repair take?

A: The average repair takes one to two weeks, depending on the item and our backlog. (We’re popular, so our dance card is always full.) If we need to order a part, it might take longer. Rest assured, we’ll keep you apprised of the progress and time frame.

Q: How much is the diagnostic (aka estimate) fee?

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A: Diagnostic/estimate fees are $35-$50, depending on the item. When you proceed with the repair after the estimated cost of repair is given, the estimate fee will be applied toward your repair. Why do we have this fee? To truly diagnose a problem, we spend time (often hours) trouble-shooting. Sometimes we even need to partially repair the unit to confirm there are no additional issues. The diagnostic fee helps cover our time troubleshooting.

Q: What are your hours?

A: We’re open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm.

Q: Why bother with repairs at all? I mean, aren’t most of these things disposable anyway?

A: The sad truth is that we have become a disposable society. And some audio/video electronics made today can be replaced more cheaply than they can be repaired. However, many more are worth repair, especially since we take the time to troubleshoot and replace at the component level. We think it makes a lot more sense, for your wallet and our planet, to repair whenever possible. Who wants to look at a landfill jammed with abandoned, could-have-been-fixed electronics?

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